A Few Thoughts on Travel

A Few Thoughts on Travel

As most of our readers already know, we at TOCA are full-blown travelers. We are so aware of how the farther we get from home, the greater perspective we gain on who we are and how we handle life. Travel helps to shake us up… breaking up assumptions, and finding commonalities in cultures while embracing differences. Travel is a great barometer for discovering where we are challenged and where we feel comfortable. It pushes the envelope.


Through travel you can learn a lot about yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t notice if you stayed at home. You might discover that you are confident where you thought you were shy, or the other way around. You might notice how open you really are (or how closed), how willing you are to take a leap of faith, how spontaneous you are in the face of the unexpected, or how reluctant you are to take a step towards the unknown.


Travel is one of the best ways to expand and evolve yourself while taking the time to explore new cultures, attitudes, beliefs, and customs. Traveling to parts of the world where what we expect is not the norm is a way to expand our view as we learn not to take things for granted. Poorer countries that do not offer the amenities and comforts we may be accustomed to allow us to see how riches come in other forms, such as generosity and soul, and of course in nature’s beauty. Finding ways to appreciate what “is” rather than being dissapointed in not finding, for example, the local McDonalds or a luxury hotel, helps us gain perspective as it tests where we are rigid and where we are able to flow.


We believe that one of the biggest commitments you can make to yourself is to not stay glued to your comfort zone. By taking yourself out of your daily routine every now and then you have the opportunity to re-charge your battery as you place yourself in settings that are out of the norm.


At TOCA we recognize that breaking the routine is the best way to keep life sparkling and fresh. And then there is the return home where more often than not, we find more value in what we have. Somehow after travel, things that caused us to worry before we took off for points unknown seem less overwhelming.


Travel truly puts life into a fresh context. When you don’t know what is around the next corner, when you push your comfort level by trying new things, when you realize you don’t have to speak the language to communicate, when you find that you have the skills to deal with the unknown, there is an enormous sense of achievement that takes root and stays with you always. It is this value that has helped each one of us become more self-realized, better at who we are and what we do, and always grateful when the time comes to pack our bags and ready the passport!


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