Curating Experiences

Curating Experiences

Every now and then we have to stop and think about how grateful we are to have gotten into the business of curating experiences through TOCA Events. Uniting people together through entertainment and the beauty of other cultures is certainly the perfect formula for helping make life so rich and varied.


We all know that creating a united world comes through sharing knowledge. Travel, the arts, food, and philosophy are just some of the ways we foster a greater awareness of the similarities and beautiful differences between cultures. Through dialogue and exposure we make a collective vision that helps to empower our own individual take on the world, as well as a much wider awareness of the varied and colorful communities that exist around the globe.


Sharing is the key. We are truly in a time of individual and communal transformation, with communication and knowledge  at our fingertips whenever we have the desire to learn more. Creative partnerships are paving the way for greater global unity through sharing ideas, expertise, and joy. At TOCA, we emphasize this through all of our programs, collaborating with people from different cultures to bring new awareness to our audiences.


As all of you readers of the TOCA blogs are well aware,  we adore travel. Along with the excitement of discovering the unknown, exploring the world expands the mind and spirit. Sharing language, history, and different customs adds color and heart to life, with every location on this earth emanating its own soul. And of course, travel helps to dispel preconceptions and prejudices as we open up to the new.


We have created TOCA Culture to reach into communities worldwide, enjoy their spirit, and help share this energy with our clients.  Whether it is a musical tour, learning a specific craft, taking a cooking course, or enjoying a festival, a film or the nightlife and natural resources of a given region, we enjoy the sense of sharing what we have discovered… and always with a light and conscious footprint wherever we go!


One person can accomplish amazing things. Companies have an even farther reach, working within their own business culture to extend outwards. In our company, we always seek to gift our clients with the exposure to something they may not have experienced before.


Keeping cultures alive through awareness is just part of what it takes to create global unity. By sharing the spirit of the world, we can honor those communities that we are not familiar with, with their customs enriching our view of the world.

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