Helping Today’s Executive Stay Fit and Tension-Free with Body Activation

Helping Today’s Executive Stay Fit and Tension-Free with Body Activation

Have you ever caught yourself slumping over your computer, spine curving as you enter the umpteenth hour at your desk? What about that shoulder/neck crunch that often happens when you’re on your smart phone? Are your spine and neck reflecting these repeated positions with a dull ache and limited range of movement?


Technology, though liberating in so many ways, has also caused us to become less active than ever as the Internet draws us in, even after our working day is over.

Unconscious Habits

Most of us are not aware of how our unconscious habits affect us over time. And what about the tensions we hold in our bodies without realizing them? Just take a look around you next time you are sitting on a train and you will notice someone with one foot necessarily flexed as the leg crosses over the other, blocking blood flow and creating undue tension in the calf muscles and ankle.

Tension and Breathing

And what about the tension in your spine, perhaps especially your lower back? Once you put your attention there you begin to feel how much stress you hold in this area. And then of course, your breathing. Do you inhale and exhale fully, or are your breathes shallow and short?


Heightening Physical Awareness

Body Activation is a new fitness protocol that teaches the body to apply energy to a given area when it is required and how to relax the areas that are not specifically in use. The exercises are designed to heighten physical awareness while creating an optimum sense of balanced physicality.Through a system of exercises that helps you observe where you are holding stress, you are given the tools to dissolve this tension so that you can release the body, gain more mobility, and let go of pain.

Healing the Body

As we observe our unconscious habits, they begin to dissolve. As we release areas where we are tensing our muscles, we start to feel the delicious and healing sensation as oxygen and blood circulate more freely, which of course is so essential to health and vitality.

Becoming More Flexible and Toned

Created for anyone who hopes to become more physically and mentally efficient, Body Activation is designed to help your body and mind become more flexible and toned. As you feel the immediate benefits of the exercises, you will notice that you look and feel more refreshed and poised as greater circulation is provided to the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems.


Sharpening Focus

When the body is at ease, no matter what you are doing, the mind follows. By placing you in a state of calm and clarity, Body Activation helps you to discover your body and mind anew as you engage in exercises that help you make more space inside the body in order to move with the utmost of efficiency. And with more space comes an increase in oxygen and blood flow to the brain, eliminating headaches and inviting greater mental focus that will keep you on track throughout the day.

Guiding You Towards Optimum Form

Body Activation creates more space in the body by elongating the spine and areas around the joints. By paying attention to the positive function of gravity, the bones are motivated to move in ways that allow the muscles to relax and fall into place without stress. Strengthening and toning the body at the same time, Body Activation guides you towards your optimum form, no matter what your frame or age.


Releasing Restrictions

Training the body to enjoy the widest range of motion by releasing restrictive tension through intelligent movement sequences, you will achieve a maximized range of motion though conscious bending, stretching, and strengthening exercises. Coordinating with the breath, Body Activation invigorates the body while helping to release pain due to poor physical habits.

A Scientific Approach

A scientific approach to physical and mental wellness, Body Activation comes from deep investigation of physical movement. Creator Michele Kadison’s over 30 years of work in dance, fitness, and therapeutic exercise has given way to this new protocol that provides immediate results and deepens over time.

With Body Activation incorporated into your daily routine you have a chance to completely reverse the affects of a sedentary, stressful life.

Body Activation in the Office

Over the years Ms. Kadison has brought Body Activation into many office settings in order to increase productivity within the working environment. It is proven that this protocol helps to increase each individuals’ potential for feeling better, which a major factor in achieving success.


Your Break-Away Event

TOCA Events embraces the precepts and results of Body Activation, encouraging clients to incorporate a session as a break-away event within their business sessions, as well as a consistent protocol added to the regular work week.

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