A Day in the Life of an Event Company

A Day in the Life of an Event Company

Creating an event is a many layered thing. No company knows this better than TOCA. From sports hospitality to experiential activities, corporate incentive settings, sponsor-based fabrications, and more, our mission is to construct a unique and exciting experience for everyone involved.

Capturing the Client

For the TOCA team, creating an event is all about communication. Our success begins the moment we start building a relationship with our clients. Of paramount importance, we get to the heart of what they wish to achieve and what they hope their attendees will take away once the event is over.

Paying attention. This the key to penetrating the desires of our clients. We make it our business to set up a comfortable and open dialogue where we can pinpoint the essence and spirit of the event at hand, enabling us to ultimately create the perfect blueprint for a successful experience.

Creating the Proposal

Once we understand the needs and objectives of our prospective client, we go to work on the proposal. This is where we cover all the necessary elements, such as:

  • transport
  • security
  • staffing
  • hotels
  • business sessions
  • 3-D imaging and animation
  • break-out components such as small meetings, coaching sessions, and the like
  • activities
  • team building
  • entertainment
  • evening receptions
  • dine arounds where clients can feel the pulse of the city
  • daytime activities
  • spouse programs

After determining exactly what is needed, we submit our user-friendly package with descriptions, graphics, and an itemized budget.


Shifting Into Gear
Once the client signs off on our proposal, we then move on to pre-production mode, shifting into high creative gear where each of our departments addresses their respective area of expertise. Keeping in mind the necessary calls to action that are essential to our client’s campaign, this is where the collaborative process is at its highest pitch. It is at this point that our team comes together to create the final design, with suggestions and revisions resulting from the synergy of TOCA’s collective creative vision.


The Critical Path

Mapping the progress of our productions and staying true to our critical path is where all of the details combine with the bigger picture. Having carefully defined each of the many and diverse moving parts that make up an event, we are now ready to mobilize onsite production and organization, which includes our vendors, set designers, stage direction for business meetings, entertainment talent …and so much more.


The Psychology Behind a Great Event

Creating a great event has to do with psychology. At TOCA, our passion is to put everyone involved deep inside an exceptional experience, no matter what the content. Once we understand what our client hopes to achieve, we direct all of our moving parts into action to fully and effectively fulfill that vision. And with a cross-cultural team that includes creative minds and designers from the United States, Brazil, Asia, and Europe, we are proud of a staff that is sensitive to the nuances of varying cultures. This ensures that every event is created with a tone that is always right.


The Arc and Balance of the TOCA Touch

Because every TOCA event is custom designed, we take the time to configure the perfect arc and balance between business-related activities and diversion. And of course, we are always in service to our client’s image, making sure that the messaging, branding, and scripting is all of one piece. Working closely with our clients’ leadership, our job is to make their vision a reality, always with the unique and exciting TOCA touch.


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