Rio de Janeiro: Passion, Pleasure, and Practicality

Rio de Janeiro: Passion, Pleasure, and Practicality

Rio de Janeiro… immediately the name evokes steamy nights, sun-filled days, samba, Carnival, and so much more. If you’ve already been to Rio, you might remember the first time you arrived, with that view of Corcovado rising from the ocean, the long stretches of beach, and the fragrance of possibility permeating all.


Known as the happiest city in the world, it is no wonder that TOCA Events is based here, as well as in sexy Miami. In fact, TOCA co-owner Robson Coccaro is a Rio native, with all the charm, spice, and flair that is so emblematic of his culture.


Exceptional Weather, Exceptional Culture

At TOCA, we love Rio for uncountable reasons. The hot summer weather that sends us straight to the water; the temperate winter that has us donning light sweaters as our friends in colder climes wish they were here; the exceptional culture that captures cuisine, entertainment, and all the rest that defines Rio’s sultry and fun-loving way of looking at life; and the exuberance of the people, which keeps us smiling 24/7.


Carnival parade is one of biggest events on earth!

A Passion for Life

We don’t have to tell you that the Brazilian passion for life is contagious. Go to one Carnaval celebration and you’ll be hooked for life. The greatest party in the world, this is just one facet of Rio that keeps revelers coming back for more.

Architectural Imagination and Respect for the Past

Rio is a combination of gorgeous Colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers. With so many cities losing their character to overdevelopment and poor city planning, Rio maintains its soul  by fusing architectural imagination with a respect for the past.


Unparalleled Nature

And then of course, there is the natural scenery, with 55 miles of gorgeous beaches, including famed Ipanema and Copacabana. Visit the 8,000 acres of Tijuca National Park and you will be in the midst of the largest urban forest in the world, found right at the base of the Christ statue. Venture further out and you will experience breathtaking flora and fauna in natural habitats that are unparalleled.


Tijuca Forest: right in the heart of the city.

The Perfect Meeting Ground

As global event planners, it became obvious to us right from the start that Rio de Janeiro is the perfect meeting ground for businesses around the world. With its growing infrastructure, the city boasts great hotels, a good subway system, an  international airport that is only 25 minutes from downtown, and exceptional convention venues.

Event Planning

Whether planning an event in the trendy Tijuca district at Riocentro, with its five pavillions and one million square feet of space, or in Lapa, the artistic neighborhood that features the Rio Scenarium, options abound. Every event venue offers a plethora of activities all around, including live music events, hotels, and excellent restaurants. Our event planning team often opts for locations around Sugarloaf where there are various meeting areas highlighted by the stunning view.


TOCA team & Sir Horace Grant at HSBC Arena for the NBA Rio first game!

Knowing the City Like the Back of Our Hand

Having a main office in Rio makes us very lucky event planners indeed, and we know the city like the back of our hand. From sports hospitality, B2B forums, product launches, and everything in between, TOCA is often called upon to host major events such as the 2014 World Cup, along with the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics. Our international team has also been a part of enhancing activities at the NBA Rio Games 2013 and 2014 at the HSBC Arena and the FIFA World Cup 2014, where we used multiple venues for our multimedia presentations.


Amazing mosaic by artist Selarón in the bohemia district of Lapa

Passion, Pleasure, Practicality

Businesses from the world over clamor to come to Rio. They know that any event hosted here will be a success with their clients, as there are few on earth who don’t appreciate a place that so successfully combines passion, pleasure, and practicality.

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