Fiestón and Our Commitment to Sports Hospitality

Fiestón and Our Commitment to Sports Hospitality

We’ve mentioned before that TOCA Events knows how to throw a party. But how about a party for a thousand people or more?  Handling an enormous event requires an understanding of sports hospitality that includes the art of bringing sports, entertainment, and the public together in a true spirit of celebration.


One of the best examples of how we show our stuff is for the Univision Deportes Fiestón events, and we have produced quite a few. From Phoenix to Dallas, L.A., Houston, and our latest event for theJuly 2015 Dallas SuperCopa MX and Campeon de Campeones , we help to make sports into one big festival that brings excitement to all.


With popular anchors like Alejandro Berry, Jorge Calvo, and Aly Villegas, and soccer legends such as  former Mexican National Team player Ramón Ramirez who delighted fans at Fiestón Phoenix, and Enrique Borja who came to our latest Dallas event,  fans are already excited, even before the games begin.  Add to this a giant screen where people can see their favorite teams play’ up close and personal,’ its easy to see how these live events capture a spirit that embodies everything that is great about sports.


Entertainment is key for an event like Fiestón. We’ve marveled over mobs of girls sobbing over Mexican pop star Luis Coronel and thousands of fans going crazy over the band, El Dasa. We’ve watched people connect with each other over refreshments in the beer gardens, and we’ve been endlessly enchanted by kids of all ages playing with each other as they bond over common ground.


Free admission assures that everyone can enjoy the Fiestón events, which is something that we at TOCA uphold as the perfect way to bring people together.  We believe that sports hospitality is based on creating an atmosphere of celebration, excitement,  sharing, and pure, unadulterated fun for everyone… and this is the spirit with which we help to build these magnetic events.


TOCA Events makes sure that with every sporting event we produce everyone comes away with something special. Whether it is free books for children, a chance to interact with celebrities, play games, or just hang out in the sun, the final goal is to allow guests to spend a great day together and create a perfect memory.


Creating a positive atmosphere for families and fans is a way to promote good feelings all the way around, giving everyone the chance to share their experiences with their friends at home. We carry this belief into all of the productions we create at TOCA Events, where every member of our team is dedicated to creating a celebratory event that stands out and leaves people feeling uplifted.


With so many more sports events on our plate, we are delighted that we can bring a festive spirit to every production. At TOCA, we believe that infusing people with the spirit of unity and joy is one of the best ways to make the world a better place.

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