Helping Employees Bond Within Corporate Culture

Helping Employees Bond Within Corporate Culture

When our corporate clients hold an event the purpose is clear: disseminating new information and modalities for the company and rewarding employees for their good work. This is usually the motive behind meetings that also serve as a powerful way to bring company members together.


Baking class and wine tasting: team building with lots of fun!

Combining Business with Pleasure

One of the essential ingredients that we feel is necessary for creating a successful corporate event is offering exciting extracurricular activities as a part of its fabric. Keeping participants energized, engaged, and involved beyond the scheduled meetings and workshops is a key element in combining business with pleasure.


Guests enjoy a tango show in Buenos Aires

The Perfect Recipe for Team Building

At TOCA we seem to touch on all the right ingredients, which is evident in the glowing reports we get after every event. Our signature talent is in providing a diversity of options, spanning everything from interactive sports to dining, cultural events, private tours, and innovative classes. Inviting attendees to mingle in a relaxed setting is the perfect recipe for team building, which forms the essence of a solid corporate culture.


Celebrity chef Elen Casagrande entertains our guests in private activity during the World Cup in Rio

Loosening the Proverbial Necktie

As heads of divisions mingle with those climbing the ladder, people have the chance to shake hands and get to know each other better during a relaxed “off the business schedule” experience. In this more personal atmosphere, the proverbial necktie is loosened as new friendships are made that will ultimately lead to greater productivity and inspiration in the workplace.



Our TOCA team is always excited when we get to the extracurricular side of planning an event. Because we want to give attendees a local experience and because we are fortunate to produce events in so many exquisite and exotic settings, the choices we give our clients come from extensive research into what each specific location offers. Our diverse international team allows us to present exceptional activities from people who are really in the know, many of which are off the beaten path from conventional tourism.


Fashion Week at School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, by TOCA

Our Menu of Possibilities

With our two main TOCA offices in Miami Beach and Rio de Janiero, it’s not hard to imagine the great activities that are available. Beach volleyball tournaments, a guided tour of the exotic flora and fauna, hiking and climbing, a taste of local cuisine, or even a private fashion show are just some of the pleasures one can expect from our menu of possibilities.


A Brazilian carnival extravaganza for our clients’ delight

Creating the Perfect Balance

From Boston to Phoenix, Buenos Aires to Berlin, it is always a thrill to mine what is nearby our event location. Introducing attendees to local fairs, wineries, bakeries, cooking classes, and even dance lessons (0ur Samba parties are famous!) create the perfect balance for a TOCA corporate event.


Event at MFA Boston

Excursions and Culture

Providing participants with a plethora of photographic opportunities, we offer day trips and overnight excursions to points of interest, as well as many behind-the-scenes events. And because our staff is exceptionally knowledgable in the performing and fine arts, we always enjoy adding museum and art gallery tours, as well as an evening at the theatre or concert to the itinerary.


Fiestón: a mexican soccer and community celebration!

And Let’s Not Forget Sports!

Sports are a fundamental part of what TOCA is all about. As producers of so many sporting events, we are attuned to the tremendous attraction of sports competition, especially for participants who have been attending seminars for most of the day. Whether it is extreme sports training, a day of biking, an evening of bowling, or a friendly softball game, we love it when we see people get physical.


Something for Everyone

From Body Activation to yoga, a spa visit, or a fitness presentation, we offer beautifully designed off or on-site activities that will bring something to everyone. At TOCA we believe in helping employees bond within corporate culture through the shared and unexpected pleasures we so love to provide.

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