Rio’s Exciting Beach Culture

Rio’s Exciting Beach Culture

No wonder Rio de Janeiro, known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” is a place where we at TOCA feel right at home. Jumping from our office in Miami to this Brazilian paradise just shows you what sensualists we are, with an office that allows us to perfectly cover the many corporate events we produce in South America.

shutterstock_189960269An Emphasis on Sports

Of course, besides the exciting work, its the beach that calls us to Rio, with a totally different vibe than the one we find in Miami. Like Miami, Rio has a huge beach culture, but with an enormous emphasis on sports, with people of all ages playing volleyball, soccer, and enjoying surfboarding whenever they have a spare moment.

Mornings and early evenings find the locals exercising, whether its walking or jogging along the water’s edge, or stretching on the sand. In the afternoons, you’ll see some pretty exciting sports being played, with vendors selling coconut water, grilled prawns, and oysters as they wend their way through the throng.


Another popular workout on Rio beaches is on the public jungle-gym equipment you see in various areas along the beach. What a great way to keep the public involved in staying fit!


Alterro do Flamengo

Flamengo Park or “Alterro do Flamengo” is great park for sports, located between the Catete and Botafogo districts right at the edge of Guanabara Bay. Also known as Eduargo Gomes Park, it sits on 286 acres, making it the largest leisure park in Rio. Known for many activities including as the main drag for the Rio Cycling Race and a popular finish line for marathons, the park is dotted with football fields, basketball courts, an outdoor theatre, and even an area for remote control airplane fanatics! And adding to the area’s allure are the exquisitely created gardens by Burle Marx, a famed landscape designer who has made the park as unique as it is practical.

Where Socializing is Key

The beaches in Rio are where everyone comes to socialize. With 45 miles of gorgeous sand, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon are the most popular and familiar to visitors. If you want to make a date to meet friends, you only have to choose one of the “postas” or lifeguard stations that stretch along the main beaches. Name the number of the posta and everyone will find you!


Planning Your Event in Rio

If you’re planning an event and aren’t sure where the best place could be for keeping your guests entertained and fit on their time off, look no more! Our TOCA planning experts will make sure that you get the right mix of a perfectly designed corporate gathering with time off for everyone to enjoy Rio’s exciting beach culture.




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