Tailoring Unique Experiences from Rio to Miami

Tailoring Unique Experiences from Rio to Miami

As TOCA Events prepares for the Rio Summer Games 2016, we are digging deep into our local resources to tailor a huge variety of events and activities for our visiting clients and their guests. Making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience is what gives each event its TOCA stamp, as we are able to initiate experiences that only true Rio de Janeiro insiders can do.

A native of Rio, TOCA co-owner Robson Coccaro knows the city like the palm and the back of his hand. Combining his deep knowledge of Brazilian culture with partner Sean Gibbons’ breadth of expertise with U.S. and international clients has allowed the two to build a powerful presence in Rio and Miami, with TOCA offices in both major cities. With our South and North American team collaborating daily on ongoing projects, TOCA has an amazing network on the ground in both Rio and Sao Paolo that covers the whole of Brazil.

No wonder we are growing as an international event company by leaps and bounds. More and more, our clients are enjoying the fact that our exciting and unique events consist of a local scene that isn’t just a backdrop, but filled with local artists and providers who thoroughly authenticate the experience. With a palette that includes great music and dance, fine arts, exceptional flora and fauna, beaches that defy the imagination, sports activities, fashion shows, and great dining opportunities, our Rio and Miami offices are always buzzing with creative fervor as we plan each new event.



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