The Fine Art of Event Lighting

The Fine Art of Event Lighting

Lighting creates an atmosphere. When it’s right, it ignites the emotions, sets the mood, and offers direction. Just think of the full moon in a midnight sky shining over a lake. Creating the ultimate romantic setting, it also asks us to look out at the world as we connect with the beauty of nature.


Making an Idea Come Alive

When it comes to an event, lighting is a powerful design tool that can make an idea come alive. At TOCA, our goal is to create a lighting scheme that is in tune with the surroundings, whether it is used for general illumination, or as an accent or decorative element. When lighting can be layered, using all of the above, the perfect ambiance can be achieved as all falls into harmony.

Different Kinds of Lighting

General lighting fills up a particular space with overall visibility, such as when we turn a light switch on to see what’s in a room. Accent lighting is directed at a specific area, where we want to direct attention to a particular object or objects. Decorative lighting comes in the form of varying types of small lighting devices, such as table lamps, wall sconces, and even candles.


Outdoor Illumination

Often we are asked to create exterior lighting, especially when we want to add character to a specific area. This type of lighting can be quite crucial to an event where activities are going on outdoors, as the direction of light will instruct guests where they should be, encouraging them to enjoy certain areas rather than others. Outdoor lighting opens up an event even as it creates a contained atmosphere. It also ensures a safe space for guests, providing them with confidence to see in the dark.


Opening Up and Defining Space

Our TOCA lighting experts are always looking for the ideal way to open up and define space, whether it is an outdoor or indoor venue. Highlighting installations while also providing the right amount of light to get the most out of photography for a special event is crucial.


Impacting the Quality of an Event

Good lighting will always impact the quality of an event. A good lighting designer will first assess the possibilities in a given environment and then go to work to find just the right combination of direct and ambient elements.



One of our favorite sources of light comes from LED lighting, which has really taken off as a way to illuminate events over the past several years. In the beginning, using LEDs was expensive and not so easy to control. This has all changed as the art and science of LED illumination has evolved.

The beauty of LEDs is that their color output is absolutely terrific for achieving optimum impact. And because they never get hot, they are so much safer to use than conventional lights, eliminating risk at events. LEDs also consume a fraction of the energy generated by traditional incandescent lights, allowing for a longer life and more efficient power requirements.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

One of the best aspects of using LED lighting is that they help reduce the carbon footprint, which is what we at TOCA stand for as we seek out the most environmentally sound practices for every event we create.


Providing Our Clients with the Best Atmosphere

At TOCA, we hold the art of illumination in high regard as we strive to give our clients the very best atmosphere in which to hold their event, no matter if it is a corporate get-together, an art opening, a sporting extravaganza, or a gala party.

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