The Quintessential Fashion of Rio

The Quintessential Fashion of Rio

There’s something in the air in Rio de Janeiro that no other city on earth shares. It is a combination of the deep and burning sensuality that comes from the city’s history, combining  Portuguese, French, and African roots with an electrified atmosphere that the landscape itself invites.


In Rio, the 20’s to the 50’s were considered the “Golden Age,” with the first big wave of international society flocking to the city for all the glamour it offered. Through all of the ups and downs in between, Rio de Janeiro has become a city that combines leisure with commerce, inviting an increasingly stabile economy and a contemporary pulse that cannot be denied.


And with this, comes the quintessential flavor that is all Rio’s own. Captured by our own TOCA Events photographer, Fabio Pamplona, it is easy to see why fashion is the big metaphor for the Rio de Janeiro lifestyle. From famed Brazilian models such as Giselle Bündchen to the inimitable and ubiquitous Brazilian bikini, this is the place where sensuality and beauty meets an industry that thrives on all that the city has to offer.


Combine the exquisite landscape of golden sand, green waters, and lush tropical mountains with the everyday sights of gorgeous inhabitants and you have an aesthetic recipe made in heaven. Here street fashion is just as potent as the pages of design you find in the magazines.


From the beach to the runway, Rio’s exuberance is evident in the rich colors and breezy fabrics used by local designers, as well as the fit and tanned models who wear them.  No matter in what corner you find Rio fashion, you will always find a sense of joy and festivity in the wearing… brought out by the sun, the music, and the rhythm of this city that brings out the best in everyone.


At TOCA Events there is not a day that goes by where we are not celebrating our presence here in Rio. With heart-stopping views of local flora and fauna, we are constantly inspired. And of course, having the opportunity to introduce so many of our clients to the excitement and beauty of the culture is an extra bonus.


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