The Seaside Town of Sitges

The Seaside Town of Sitges

There is nothing more wonderful than becoming familiar with parts unknown! At TOCA we love the excitement and mystery of travel, and making discoveries that we can share with our readers is just another way we can help to expand borders.

Our TOCA Events Brand Interface Director, Fabio Pamplona, recently came back from a trip to Barcelona, extolling the virtues of a small seaside town called Sitges just a hop, skip, and a short train ride away. With its 17 beaches, you can easily spend the day in Sitges, or better yet, book your entire trip there and then pop over to Barcelona to get a smattering of city life before heading back to deep seaside reverie.


A True Vacation, Spanish Style

Visiting Sitges means sunbathing, swimming in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, and enjoying the pleasures of a true vacation, Spanish style. With beaches for everyone you’ll find the gamut, including family friendly, gay friendly, and nudist friendly, assuring you that Sitges is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. Choose a beach close to town where you can people watch and enjoy the company of many, such as Platja de La Fragata right in front of the main church. Or, a bit off the beaten track, you can find a more secluded environment such as Platja de Terramar or Platja de las Aniquines to the west.


People Watching and the Allure of Cafe Life

Taking a bit of a respite from the sun, you can walk the famed Passeig de la Ribera with the old city on one side and the sea on the other. As wildly passionate cafe lovers, we at TOCA are like iron filings to the magnet of an attractive cafe, and on Sitges there are many. Stop in one of the many local cafes to people watch as you sip a refreshing drink in the breeze.

Parc del Garraf

From the island you can take some wonderful pilgrimages to the many points of interest nearby. There’s a great national park just inland from Sitges called the Parc del Garraf. With its arid landscape, you get a real sense of the area’s beauty through the flora and fauna, with a stunning backdrop of indigenous calcareous rock formations.


The Wine Tour at Castell de Vilarnau

Fabio was particularly taken with the excellent wine tour he took to the Castell de Vilarnau.

With so many great cavas, it is no wonder that the Catalunya region boasts some of the greatest wines in Spain. Founded  in 1986, Castell de Vilarnau’s  guided tour includes observing the different stages of production the grapes go through, along with the requisite tastings, and of course, a chance to dine at the great restaurant there.

The Monastery at Montserrat

An impressive property with majestic views, you can see the monastery at Montserrat from Vilarnau. Montserrat was  founded in 1025, becoming a strong destination for pilgrims and visitors as they heard stories of miracles taking place there. With its breathtaking mountain vistas, you can walk there on well trodden paths, or take the funicular to the top. And while you’re there and if you get the chance, listen to the Basilica choir so famous for their Gregorian chants and other types of religious choral music.


Finding What’s Right for You

Whether you want to relax and do next to nothing or be an active participant in all that Sitges and its environs have to offer, you will find exactly what’s right for you  on and near this gorgeous Mediterranean paradise.

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