Touching the World

Touching the World

For followers of TOCA Events it comes as no surprise that we have the travel bug. And, as it is with ardent travelers, we know that our passion is contagious. No wonder so many of our clients choose to host their events in the exotic locations we are so happy to recommend.


From Miami to Rio, Nicaragua to Thailand, Columbia to Berlin, we thrive on the creative synergy generated daily between the members of our global team. And it is through this synergy that TOCA emanates such an international appeal. Coming from such diverse backgrounds, each person who works with us is steeped in the knowledge of his or her specific locale, with the added caveat of an advanced state of curiosity for exploring the rest of the planet.


For all of us at TOCA, travel is an art form and a way of life. It is how we understand others, how we learn from them, and how we can enjoy creative ways of interchange. Travel is a way to get a perspective on how things are done differently elsewhere, and then of course to discover how we are all ultimately the same.


Experienced and extensive travel brings an ease to one’s relationship with the world. Travel helps make one more adaptable.


Through an understanding of varying cultures, we are  able to bring a sophisticated and expanded view of possibilities to the table. Each member of our TOCA team knows how to look at art, appreciate all forms of music from folklore to funk, stand by their favorite sports team, enjoy the photographic possibilities of a precious moment, glow in the presence of a fine wine, and so much more.


At TOCA, we believe that when we know how to appreciate what life brings, we are more able to serve our clients. Through travel we have learned that a simple picnic on a handwoven blanket in Morocco can be as opulent and memorable an experience as dining in a three-star Michelin rated restaurant in Paris. We know that the value of a well-placed candle is just as effective as a crystal chandelier. And we know that language is no barrier, which of course is one of the reasons we are so well known for our great communication skills!


Our mission as a corporate and sporting event company is to bring magic to the venue, as well bringing the venue to the magic! In creating the perfect components for a successful event, we have a toolbox full of scintillating ideas that mix our in-depth knowledge of ideal global locations with exciting activities that reflect the locale.


Casting our net far and wide to learn more about the world is what fuels our love of life. And it is this love of life that fuels all of our events, making each one the best party one could ever attend. In doing so, it is our goal to give everyone attending a memorable experience that they can then bring home and share.

At TOCA we so enjoy posting some of our favorite spots around the globe, and highlighting interesting current events that help evolve global culture. The fun is always in the sharing, as we reach out and touch the world.

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