Our Green Connection

Our Green Connection

As a leader in the event production industry, we at TOCA Events feel very strongly about setting an example when it comes to green consciousness. Our choice is to be on the side of sustainability, setting an ethical example that embraces the preciousness of our environment.


Going green has become a common phrase in our industry, starting in the 1990’s when we began to hear more about the shadowy implications of climate change. Many businesses have taken this seriously, while others merely do «lip service» to the concept, or simply ignore the increasing examples of global warming.


Even if you disregard the growing evidence that our planet is in trouble, it is hard to accept any argument that does not support sustainability and the development of holistic practices that respect our natural resources. TOCA maintains that a protocol in consideration of the environment is what makes the difference when it comes to offering the best possible service to our clients. As important as location, talent, aesthetic value, and the highest level of professionalism, is a dedication to fair practices, energy conservation, the correct use of natural resources, and overall care for the environment from inception to the completion of every event.


Maintaining a green connection is part of our marketing philosophy, as well as our policy and principals. Educating through example, we at TOCA believe that our green attitude affects not only our clients, but the event production industry itself.  By choosing vendors who support sustainability, by working with large groups who are imprinted by the impact of how we model our events, we help to build awareness.


We live in a world of over-consumption. Marketing and competition keeps consumers consuming, often without thinking about the difference between what is essential vs what is wasteful. At TOCA Events, we believe in giving our clients a sense of magnificence and abundance with every event we produce, and we have mastered the art of doing so without disrespecting the balance necessary to maintain the utmost respect for our natural resources.


A green connection no longer means that operational and production costs are higher. Today, it is actually a way to lower expenditures while at the same time providing a competitive advantage over competitors who are not paying attention.  We find we are actually saving through the reduction of energy, observing smart waste management practices, and applying an intelligent use of the supply chain.


At TOCA we have attracted an extremely high quality team partially because of our green policies, as each member feels good about contributing to a company that enforces conscious environmental practices. In terms of the public sector, our green connection has greatly contributed to our brand image, as clients prefer to be associated with caring practices.


Looking to the future, we are excited to implement new innovations that certainly will keep us at the forefront of the event production industry. To learn more about our environmental practices and how to enjoy them at your event, please contact us todaywww.tocaevents.com

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