Our Recipe for Event Planning Success

Our Recipe for Event Planning Success

At TOCA we believe that the driving force behind every successful production comes from our inherent passion for its planning and creation. Having been in the event production business for many years, we are constantly excited by the prospect of a new project, from creating the perfect concept, to planning,  building, and finally seeing the idea come to fruition.  With the  satisfaction of our clients and those who have participated in the event being our ultimate reward, we are always ready for the next challenge.


Whether it is sports hospitality, business sessions, corporate or private parties, or anything in between, the elements that go into making each event a success are the same.  Here are some of the precepts that we feel are critical for achieving the best possible results for everyone involved:



The art of listening is key when it comes to satisfying our clients. We need to know what they are looking for in an event, and most importantly what they hope to achieve as an end result. Sometimes our clients are not able to fully articulate exactly what they are looking for, so it is up to us to listen carefully and fill in the blanks. Listening implies good «people skills,» and at TOCA we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to understand just what our clients want so that we can successfully communicate their vision to all of our vendors who will help us consolidate the perfect outcome.

Listening is also essential when it comes to working with our team.  For us, every person working at TOCA is a peer, which creates an atmosphere of respect and an openness to new ideas. A good listener usually means that communication is open, and it is in this spirit that we uphold and honor the strengths of each one of our team members.


As TOCA Events grows, our productions become bigger and bigger, which also means they become more complex. Here is where it is essential to be flexible, with the ability to manage whatever surprises may come our way. This may be a change of vision or last minute changes from our client, a glitch in a schedule or performance, or any other exigency that might come up before, during, or even directly after an event. Flexibility implies resourcefulness, which means that we always have to be ready and able to provide a quick creative fix if the occasion arises.


Big productions also mean we have to manage many teams at the same time. Here flexibility provides us with the ability to handle the many responsibilities that large events require, including staying calm when problems arise so that we can think and act quickly to resolve them.

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We know that the feel of a company trickles down from the top. If we as owners are positive, enthusiastic, and calm, our team will be as well. It is up to us to maintain the right mood at all times, regardless of what kind of pressure we may be under during the production process.  Because of our experience level in event production, we are very rarely are up against situations that we cannot resolve with grace and ingenuity. And as multi-tasking pros, we love a good challenge, and find that this attitude is contagious amongst our TOCA team as well!

kkBsnpvB-6dOOyVTJLyf0XrMy_EK7tcVOvIZgd8qQmwChoosing the Right Team

Any good manager knows that having the right team means everything. We have an incredible network of trusted pros that we can count on to help make every event into a star production. And of course having the right team means we can delegate without having to worry that the job won’t be done to perfection. Our core team works like a well-oiled machine, which is what makes a TOCA Event so recognizable.


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