The Art and Science of the Party

The Art and Science of the Party

According to Dr. Joe Goldblatt, founder of the International Special Events Society, event planning is a  $50 billion dollar a year industry, and growing. With corporations and private entities outsourcing for all aspects of their special events, we at TOCA are riding the big wave as we strive to perfect the art and science of the Party.


As an event planning and destination management company that has been deeply entrenched in the business for a number of years, our list of loyal and new clients is constantly expanding. Our team of professionals is always exploring innovative ways to create parties that are exciting, memorable, unexpected, and on point with what our clients hope to achieve at the so-called end of the day.


Planning and designing an event follows a complex road that includes the manifestation of the client’s idea, supervision of the party at all times, and making sure that all elements lead to the desired result. Whether the event is a private celebration, a promotion for a new product,  part of a trade show, an educational conference, a commemoration, holiday party, company outing, or otherwise, our goal is for all of the participants to connect with each other through good conversation, networking, and having a great time letting their hair down.


There is an enormous amount of pre-planning that goes into making a good party event. Every detail must be examined, from décor to food and beverages, entertainment, the musical playlist, accommodations, and so much more. We believe that the mechanics of creating a seamless event is the science of party-making, while the art is in making the festivities aesthetically pleasing and conducive to personal connection, merry-making, and relaxing.


When it comes to corporate events, we know that a successful party is where there is personal interaction. This is what inspires corporate culture, builds brand loyalty, while also inspiring new customers.  Corporate parties are designed to help grow business, and at TOCA Events, we create environments that foster personal conversations and a sense of camaraderie that spills over long after the party is over.


As a special event and destination management company, TOCA believes in giving people a good reason to come to our parties. We pride ourselves on the ability to merge business with pleasure, where our events and the products or services that are being represented meet all along the way. We know the importance of maintaining a clear objective is the driving force behind every element that makes up a TOCA event.


Customizing the party to a tee is a science. Giving guests an experience that is unexpected, exciting, and fun is an art. For more information on how TOCA Events can combine these two elements for your next private or corporate party, contact us today.

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