The Exciting Game of Sports Marketing

The Exciting Game of Sports Marketing

As we prepare for the Rio Summer Games, where we are assisting the NBA for the third year in a row, it occurs to us that we might say a few words about the exciting game of sports marketing.  As huge sports fans, we at TOCA are always thrilled when we are called upon to provide our sports clients with strategies that bring their goods and services to expectant fans.


Perhaps more than any type of event, sports has the power to ignite both the passion and pride of its viewers. Ready to cheer for their favorite athletes and teams, there is no more vicarious thrill than feeling the excitement generated by fans when the game is on. Competition, an undetermined outcome, and star athletes put everyone on the edge of their seats, creating a thrilling mix that electrifies every sporting event.

Sports marketing wouldn’t be what it is if advertising wasn’t tied in to the event at hand. The popularity of teams and athletes encourages fans to purchase the products and services that they support, which creates an undeniable synergy. At TOCA our task is to come up with great strategies that will promote an event, along with the goods and services that go along with it.  In service to this, we provide our clients and audiences with interactive settings that keep team spirit at its highest and client brands at the forefront.


Getting the public to participate in ancillary events, allowing them to get closer to their favorite athletes and teams through live feeds and parties, and providing urban elements that encourage fans to stay active is what makes an event successful.  Our goal at TOCA is always based on offering people a wonderful time, and it is with this in mind that we create our marketing strategies.


Sports marketing is a fast-paced, energetic facet of event production. It requires quick thinking and a knack for coming up with creative solutions for promotion and advertising. Attention to detail, good communication and organizational skills, and a ton of flexibility make for a great result. When clients keep coming back for each new event, you know your formula is working.


In this regard, we are proud to be producing three more events for Univision’s USA Mexico game, including simultaneous live viewing parties in L.A. and Dallas. We expect over 4,000 fans to turn up at each location, with fun and games for all.


 We have many sports marketing-related events in the works, many with return clients who want more of the TOCA touch. With each one, we rev up our motor, hone our skills, and revel in the excitement we share with our clients, the sponsors, and the fans. And of course, with each production, we learn more about our craft as we come up with new ideas for the exciting game of sports marketing.

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