Rio’s Period Venues

Rio’s Period Venues

Some of the most stunning villas in Rio de Janeiro are the period homes that speak of many pivotal moments in the city’s history. Discovering the former farmhouse where the document abolishing slavery was written, as well as other addresses that contribute to Rio’s story, is a way for us at TOCA Events to share our respect for the past and our love of beauty with our clients.


At TOCA  we believe in incorporating as much of local culture as we can when we produce an event. Our clients come to us because of our knowledge of a given locale, and our mission includes finding some of the most unique and exquisite places where we can either produce the event itself or provide a meaningful site visit. For us an event doesn’t stop when the music is over. We want our clients to walk away with something that they can take home and share. Rio’s breathtaking architecture gives us so much fodder for event production here that we are never at a loss for creating a memorable experience.


As lovers of architecture, we are well aware that Rio produced one of the greatest architects in the world: Oscar Niemeyer. The home he designed for his family in 1951 is just as modern today as it was then, and we marvel at the brilliance of the way it so harmoniously conforms to the terrain. It is not easy to build a structure of any kind on a slope, and he did so with an elegance that is inherent in all of his work. Made of glass and cement, the home speaks of his love of nature as it settles seamlessly into its surroundings.


Another notable home in Rio de Janeiro is the House of Arts and Culture Serpa Juliet. The house was build in 1920 as a gift from husband to wife. Considered the most beautiful home in Rio at that time, it later became the house of culture, named by its owner to honor his mother, Serpa Juliet.


People coming to Rio always remark on the seduction of its beaches, the glitter of its nightlife, and the warmth of its people. Add to this the allure of the city’s period venues, as well as its more contemporary offerings. From upscale Rio Branco to the colorful flavelas, there is a plethora of wonderful architecture to behold. Through this one can easily see how the city knits itself together, with so many varied designs creating a fabric that ignites the senses and keeps us intrigued with every new discovery.


In celebration of our home here in Rio, along with our constant urge to share what we love with our clients and friends, we are always learning more about the city’s history.  We are fascinated by the importance of each monument that has contributed to the intricate and complex path Rio has taken towards becoming the city it is today, and we are proud to be a part of its pulse.

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